Back to work

We are back from our trip to the state of Minas Gerais and after a week of rest and joy, we’re working again to develop more #SunkenBrawl features! There’s a lot of work to do until we release the game next year and we are excited to start this new stage in development.

But before we jump into the future, let’s recap our tournament in the Poços de Caldas mall last week. The champion of the tournament came back in the playoffs after losing his first match. Matheus then managed to pass through the finals unbeaten with his Tankaruga pick.

Congratulations to the winners of a copy of the game, a delicious cup of Açaí from our sponsors at Pega Leve, and the 1st place also got a pair of tickets to watch the Spider-man movie!


We are very thankful to our sponsors and partners on this trip, the guys from Creative eSports that arranged everything for us to show our game there and especially to Jay Neto that provided us with a roof and a lot of good moments in the city!

The Creative team is at the mall with four controllers for the last weekend, starting tomorrow until Sunday.

So, if you are spending the weekend in the city of Poços de Caldas, head to the mall and play some Sunken Brawl!


Next task

The Alpha is available for everyone to test in our site and if you want to send us feedback, bug reports, ideas and also win trial pieces that you can convert into games, go to, download the last build and join our quest!

Next step in development now is the addition of new stages and the story mode! The work on the first Boss Fight already started and it features a lurking monstrosity from the dark depths. We are planning a handful of Boss encounters that will be unlocked during the story mode and their stages will be playable in the brawl mode as well after you defeat the Boss.

Stay tuned for news and teasers on our social media! Follow @sunkenbrawl on twitter and like our Facebook page. We are looking for artists willing to make fan arts of the game and also for streamers to play some Sunken Brawl and show the world their skills on YouTube or Twitch!

This DevBlog will be back in two weeks, as we will be focusing on developing the new features for the next few months. See you soon!