Down to Blitzkrieg Fall

Ectoplasm bursting out of the tombs while a gelid whisper crawls over your fins…

a strange shadow seems like it’s chasing you and you wish you could just get away.

It’s the site of an old battle and the grave of many fishes. A long time ago, a massive bombardment left a crater of death under the sea.

The Death Crater

The second stage we created is Akuarou’s home and we call it Blitzkrieg Fall. At this stage, we bring up some of his backstory along with some interesting scenario mechanics to shake the way you play Sunken Brawl.

Different from the All Blue stage, which was meant to be a “neutral arena” without anything interfering in the gameplay, Blitzkrieg fall is our first attempt at creating a dynamic stage where the scenario plays an important role on how you use your abilities.

In this scenario, there are five tombstones at the bottom of the screen. When you hit them, a ghost rises and damages enemies on its path. Players can use the tombs to their advantage or will have to dodge some scary ghosts to avoid taking damage.

Akuarou’s strength in this map is that he can spam arrows down and hit the tombstones at range, synergizing well with his ranged kit.

His weakness is that a pair of Glass Bams can parry his arrows indefinitely. LOL

Other characters in this scenario can still make use of the ghosts in most of the times but have to place themselves near danger at the bottom of the screen to do so.

In the next stages, we are planning to add other gameplay interactions like bubbles that can trap you inside or razor coral walls to deal damage if you touch them. What about a ring of bouncing sponges where you can dash and slingshot back?

Every scenario will bring a new challenge with it

and the players have to discover different tactics to defeat their enemies!

There are a lot of possible interactions to explore under the sea and we’re excited about creating these stages.

Some of the planned scenarios will include boss fights, so stay tuned for more info as we develop them!

See you next week.