Hadal Space

We take a trip to outer space in our newest stage, home to the alien jellyfish known as J-Lea. We called it Hadal Space, in reference to the Hadal zones: the deepest portions of the ocean floor that are mostly unexplored by humans.

Besides all the darkness and emptiness of the depths, bioluminescent creatures shine in the distance and they look like a galaxy far far away. Floating in the vacuum of the Hadal Space, there is a super massive black hole sucking everything it touches.

Super Massive Black Hole Sun

The black hole appears in regular intervals and travels in a random direction throughout the scenario. Projectiles tend to orbit around it and get slingshot in random directions, making it hard to aim targets on the other side of the hole.

If a character touches it, they are sucked in and can only leave using their dash or movement abilities. J-Lea is exceptionally powerful on her home because her fire trail is dragged into the black hole, turning it into a deadly supernova that can trap her enemies inside.

On the other side, Lamiana’s portals seem to get really messed up with the gravitational interference of the black hole. xD

Pew pew in the vacuum of space

This stage is very “out of this world”, our very own take on the classic backgrounds of spaceship shmups.  Add to it an unexpected twist with the black hole gravity, messing up with the physics and tactics. We are excited to add more variety to the scenarios, with different game mechanics and themes covering all parts of the ocean and more!

Next Wednesday 7:30 pm, we will be at the SPIN here in São Paulo at the CCSP.

If you want to test our game, show up there to try our newest character and scenarios!

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