Half done

Hanukai, the surfer shark, is now ready and balanced!

His kit includes a slow wave that pushes enemies away. Hanukai can surf these waves when he dashes over them, making it easy for him to hit enemies swimming against it with his tail slaps. His ultimate sweeps nearby enemies inside a typhoon while he deals damage multiple times.

He is very good against area control characters and can counter area ultimates such as J-Lea’s and Spiky’s easily but struggles against powerful ranged attacks like Akuarou’s.

His gameplay is very aggressive and he really changes the way one interacts with the scenarios and makes use of their escape dashes.

Midway heroes

But Hanukai is not the only addition to this month’s alpha build, that we will be sharing soon with our subscribers!

Meet Tankaruga, the tank turtle. He is a veteran of the war of the turtles and will fight in the Sunken Brawl with his shell and helmet!

Tankaruga attacks using his shell, but that leaves him temporarily unprotected. He can hold his shell in front of him to defend against frontal attacks and he dashes knocking enemies away. In his ultimate, he enters his shell and charges in the direction the player aims, dealing massive damage to enemies he passes through. He is the 8th character we are introducing, so we are approaching the middle of the project, with half of our final roster that we plan at release in the end of the year.

Tankaruga, Hanukai, Charlotl, Lamiana, J-Lea, Glass Bam, Akuarou and Spiky will all be at our Alpha and it’s almost ready!

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