Hell portals

She’s darkness incarnate. Imprisoned in a hellish dimension for a long time, her influence could still be felt in the depths of the ocean.

She’s also a vampire

Lamiana is the demon queen of the void, inspired by the Vampire Squid from Hell and ancient vampire mythos, she’s an evil creature that has changed very little over the millennia.

She was the one responsible for turning Akuarou into an undead minion that will do anything for her to break his curse. Some fish believe that the new threat that arrived in the All Blue is not even an alien, but her released wrath in the form of fire. It’s now clear that J-Lea and the burning of the All Blue are related to Lamiana’s summoning from hell dimension.

Her basic attacks are slow moving void orbs and her trait let’s her open two hell portals. She can then use the portals to limit her enemies field of action by creating a deadly barrier, or she can confuse and dodge their attacks by dashing into the portals and teleporting herself.

A Hell lot of fun

We had a lot of fun on our first tests with her this week! She’s a very high skill cap character, with a lot of planning and setting required to be really effective. The right set up can instantly kill an enemy but it’s very hard to accomplish and the wrong placement of a portal can be detrimental to victory.

The game is a lot more polished now with a new interface and we are entering a phase in development that we just need to add more scenarios and characters to fill the slots. The plan is to finish our demo build in the next couple weeks with six playable characters and four stages ready to be tested by the public!

Stay tuned for more, as next week we will have a new scenario ready to show.