Spiky’s home

Tonight we will be again at the SPIN here in São Paulo, so if you want to play our newest build and test our new characters and stages, go to the CCSP and we will meet there at 7:30 pm!

The new stage is home to our chubby punk favorite Spiky and features walls full of sleepy urchins.

When damaged, they burst spikes in all directions and can be used by the players to deal extra damage to unaware enemies.

It’s the best place to battle if you can send a lot of fast attacks in all directions. Urchin’s Beach has a lot of (uh..) urchins, and Spiky feels safe there with his (uh..) spikes. xD


Funny Tales

The two new characters we have to announce will use their tails in very different ways in battle.

Charlotl is a young amphibian with powerful regenerative abilities. She can regrow her limbs very quickly and throws her fingers and tail against her enemies to deal massive damage.

She’s also the cutest thing living underwater.

Every basic attack stacks in the target for a short period and then she can detonate them with her boomerang tail. Her ultimate is a burst out of her gills in a cone in front of her, and they can all stack as well, bursting for a lot of damage. We already got her balanced this week and she’s a lot of fun to play! She will be available tonight for testing along with the 4-player mode and all other characters and stages.

Surfing style

Hanukai is an easy life frilled shark that was the champion of the last Coral Reef Surfing Tournament. The fishes watching to the finals said that there wasn’t a wave high enough for Hanukai to surf, so he created his own!

He will be a melee fighter, slapping his enemies with his tail and creating waves to surf. We are still working on him and he will be available very soon.

This month will be full of new content, as we get ready to put online our first demo and patreon campaign.

Make sure to go to sunkenbrawl.com and subscribe to our newsletter, as we will be giving 50 copies and access to the alpha demo at the end of the month to our subscribers! See you next week.