Spinning swirls

We are late!!! This post is late!1!!

We are so busy right now our heads are literally spinning!

And last night we were at the SPIN – São Paulo Indies – to show our game to fellow game designers and producers here in Sampa.

(that’s how we call it if you have trouble with the “ã” haha).

The SPIN happens every month on the first Wednesday in the Centro Cultural de São Paulo – CCSP

The night was full of good surprises, with our friends from the REVstudios showing their game Bedtime Fright right before us.

The room was full of programmers, artists, and game enthusiasts so we were anxious to present the game in front of them, even if we had already participated in the backstage last month.

Showing what we got

This time, our programmer and producer Sui was there in front of them showing what we got.

They had a glimpse of our plans to develop it for the Nintendo Switch and they could see some details of the new user interface while they watched us playing with the four available characters.

After the presentation, we plugged in four controllers on our notebook in the back of the room and let them play and have fun with our game.

We watched closely and put down notes on all their feedback, which was overwhelmingly good!

We answered a lot of questions about future characters that we will introduce, discussed the future of the game with interactive scenarios that are coming and talked about new project opportunities.

Especially that the BIG Festival, that happens there in the CCSP but taking over almost the whole building, happening next month!

It’s the biggest game event in the southern hemisphere and our game is ready to be shown to the thousands of people that will go there.

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Next week, as long promised, we will play some songs underwater and talk to our sound designer about the music and sound effects of Sunken Brawl! Stay tuned.