The BIG Champion

The #BigFestival2017 has ended and we are very proud of our participation in the biggest indie games festival in Latin America!

We enjoyed every minute there in the CCSP playing indie games, watching people play Sunken Brawl, meeting with old friends and making a lot of new ones.

The true winners of the festival are for sure the people that went there and could play a lot of indie games from all around the world. Especially the people lucky enough to pass by our table outside of the festival; they had a chance to play Sunken Brawl before anyone else!


First SBC

A lot of people enrolled to the First Sunken Brawl Championship that happened on the last day of the festival. Even with the cold gray weather of São Paulo during this Sunday, our most competitive players showed up and fought their way to the prize!

Another celebrity visiting the festival, 11 years young game programming teacher and speaker Teteus Bionic, enrolled to the championship on the last minute and after finishing the group phase in first place, ended the championship with 4th place, a copy of the game and a bonbon.

The winners of a shiny medal hand-made and painted by our Q.A. Grazi, a full copy of the game on their selected platform and chocolates were:

3rd place to Victor!


2nd place to Wellio!


And 1st place to Pedro!

You can watch the finals on our YouTube channel!

All those people who left their emails on our list stay tuned to receive an Alpha invite at the end of this week! If you too want Alpha access to try our game, leave your e-mail at and wait for a link to download.

And if you want to meet with the developers and try your chance in the next championship, we will be in the city of Poços de Caldas – MG, at the shopping mall this weekend and the next one. See you next week!