The BIG Plan part 2

Unfortunately, we were not selected to be one of the indie games showcasing inside of the BIG Festival 2017, which is the biggest indie games festival in Latin America (and the southern hemisphere).

But the good news is that we are at the BIG Festival 2017 anyway!

We arrive early every day to safeguard one of the tables in the CCSP and build our own booth just outside of the entrance.

With a notebook and four controllers ready to play Sunken Brawl, our table is drawing attention from all kinds of curious people visiting the place.

Even on the outside, business opportunities are flourishing, with several small investors showing interest in our game. One guy wants to build an Arcade of our game inside of his barber shop. How awesome is that??!

After the BIG Festival, we already arranged another gaming event happening in a Mall in the city of Poços de Caldas, a tourist winter resort city that will be filled with people during July vacations.

More than 25k people are expected to visit the Mall every day during this season and we will have our own booth there all month!

Kids know it better

We are at the BIG Festival looking for business but we’re really amazed by the children reception of our game. Actually, we’re not there for business anymore, we’re there to watch the kids play Sunken Brawl!

You know your game is going places when kids start playing it and they don’t want to leave. Their parents stand to watch for a while and soon are invited to join.  It’s emotional to watch them having fun together for several matches and leave a subscription to our tournament happening this Sunday, the last day of the festival, with both the kids and parents excited to come back and play more.

We had a celebrity visit last Sunday with Manoela Meroti, a genius girl that was visiting the robotics convention inside of the festival. She’s only 9 years old but don’t be fooled; she’s an expert in technology and won her first Hackathon last year, being only 8! Manoela is being invited to speak at tech conventions by big names like Microsoft and to meet with the government. Aaaaand she loves our game!

We had a lot of fun together as the event was closing and few other people were there. She played several games and chose 3 different characters as her favorites.

Another deal we closed last weekend was with a young new streamer known as Gamer Craft. The 12 years old boy will be the first to stream our game on his youtube channel! We agreed to give him alpha access a day earlier than other subscribers, so if you want to see some Sunken Brawl gameplay testing in the hands of an expert, subscribe to his channel and stay tuned!

Come play Sunken Brawl!

If you live here or is visiting São Paulo this week, come to the CCSP next to the Vergueiro subway station. The #BigFestival2017 will last until Sunday and there’s a lot of indie games, VR, robots, people dancing and Sunken Brawl!