Recent Games



 Sunken Brawl

This is a game about sea creatures brawling in the bottoms of sea.



 Pumpkin Curse

Joey is an ordinary kid with a sweet tooth. While he was out trick-or-treatin’ on Halloween, his body was transformed by an ancient curse: the Pumpkin Curse! Even Death cannot break the Curse – he shall rise from the grave, stronger than before. But beware: dying makes Joey lose some of his beloved candy. Now, he must unleash the power of his all-new Pumpkin Head to its fullest in order to return home!

 Ocean Combat

A game made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 17!
Battle against another ship in this action multiplayer game!


 Coal Xmas

Santa is tired of all naughty kids… Instead of giving them coal… He decided to throw coal… In their FACES! Embark in this fast-paced platformer as Santa and teach those kids a lesson! Full XBOX Controller support! Merry Christmas!
(or if it’s not Christmas, happy coal fiesta)!


 Rogue Tower

A mysterious tower filled with wealth is on sight, and these rogues have only one mission. GOLD! Collect coins, upgrade your characters and unlock exciting new floors in this addictively strategy, roguelike, turn-based game!