Sound waves

In today’s post, we talk about the music of Sunken Brawl and the process conceiving the sound effects and ambiance to the game.

Surfing style

Our sound designer Bruno is composing a lot of songs to fit the underwater scenarios, the menu and promotional videos we are creating.

For the first song, we wanted something to be played on our “neutral” scenario. The very first we did.

The All Blue theme should transmit the overall vibe of the game and uses some water effects like bubbles and waves to bring ocean elements into the music.

Some of the instruments are muffled to give the feeling that they are played underwater.

The song played during the menu and character selection screens is meant to make players ready to fight.

It uses the same water elements, but different from the stage themes.

The menu track has an intro and marked drums to play when the game starts and every time players are choosing their characters.

When we decided to make our first gameplay teaser, we chose to put a song that somehow explains what is happening.

The slow start represents a time before the conflict begins, and after the break, it’s much faster to go with the action happening on screen.

You can watch our gameplay teaser again here

Death metal scraps

The second stage we are creating is not ready yet, but Akuarou’s home, Blitzkrieg Fall, is a graveyard next to a bomb crater and its song will transmit this “death” feeling.

The composer is experimenting with some new instruments and plugins, adding some distorted guitars and it gets this “punk rock” style. Tell us what you think!

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See you next week when we talk about our stages and the challenge creating interactive scenarios.