Umizon is a game development crew based in São Paulo – Brazil, focused in making games that have smooth controls that feels right; games that can be enjoyed solo or with friends. Always having our inner burning passion flowing through our veins.

Under our flag, we have the following crew:

Suikou Gin, the game producer, lead programmer and captain – “More cheese equals less cheese”;

Bruno Aguiar, the sound designer and composer – “The astronaut of this party it’s me”;

Danilo Coronado, the writer and marketer – “You better run, you better take cover”;

Henrique Fernandes, the art director – “Don’t tread on me”;

Umi stands for sea, or freedom, as we see it.
Zon stands for zone, or extreme focus and passion, which happens with some sports players.

So Umizon means:

Focus on freedom”.

Umizon’s flag has set sail in 15th july of 2016.